Ebac dehumidifiers: our reviews

DuhumidifierEbac claims to produce the domestic appliances that are suitable for the British market. So I decided to get this Amazon 15 Dehumidifier from Ebac to my home in England. Indeed, for a temperate climate where it hovers in winter, dehumidifier is a necessity. This product is part of the value range from Ebac, so I was lucky to get it at an exceptional value after reading this review of the best dehumidifier UK versions.. Not just that, it came with good quality and reliability (Matching the expectation that Ebac has set up!)

I am using this dehumidifier since a year and I have had no problem absolutely. It has clean design with 12-15 liter extraction capacity per day. The additional drainage kit helps me to drain the container when I am free, often twice a day. The unit controls are really simple and the water tank is really convenient to empty. I had changed the filters after 8 months and it seems to collect the water effectively.

It delivers a great protection to my entire home with 3 bedrooms. It produces some hum noise in the background, but noise is just not an issue for me. I use the adjustable humidistat by turning the fan to its lowest setting to avoid the noise and turn it up for optimum power extraction.

With the old dehumidifier, I had some issues at home. There was a lot of condensation happening on the windows and pin mould would damage the vertical blinds. Right now we have the dehumidifier placed in the living area and trust me it really goes well with the interiors and also solved the pin mould problem to a great extent.

Though Amazon 15 is not equipped with the smart control and intelligence frost (a basic machine), it is still suitable for us. It is a big money saver for a small family like ours. I paid additional amount and got the castors set up, so this is a great benefit to move the dehumidifier whenever required. And still, I don’t think it is a great idea to use these basic models in your basement as it may not serve the purpose well. You would need an advanced model for your basements.

The absence of smart control did not cause an issue for us as we know when the higher humidity occurs and we manually set it. Usually this happens while showering, cooking or laundry. So saving our utility bills was not a big issue without this feature.

I had bought it directly from the manufacturers so I got a free one year warranty on Ebac Amazon. The after sales of Ebac are really commendable. I know this because I had used the service once for a minor issue. I would highly recommend the product to anyone who is suffering from condensation problems at their home.